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This page has opened in a new window so that you can refer back to the "Pro Pages" information page without losing your form input. To order your web page fill in the form and click "Continue" below.

If you are from outside the United States or if you have any problem submitting this form, please contact PGAPros.com.

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Contact Information

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Choose Page Style

There are three page styles to choose from (Classic, Burgundy, Sand & Green). The thumbnail images below will give you a rough idea of the basic look and layout of the page (though your page may be longer with more information). The various logos are shown at random also. Select one of the styles for your page.

Classic Style
Burgundy Style
Sand and Green Style
Sand & Green

Body of Page Information

You may display up to 5 paragraphs of information on your web page. Fill-in the spaces below with the information you want on your page. If you want to include a link but don't know how just type in the url (web address) in the appropriate place and it will be converted for you. Any special requests can be included in the "Comments" field below. Suggestion: If you are more comfortable checking your spelling, you might use a word processor to type the body of your page and then "copy and paste" the paragraphs into the following fields.

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

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Paragraph 5

You may display a "list" (10 items maximum) on your page in place of one of the paragraphs if you wish, but it is not required. If you do not want a list simply leave the box below unchecked and the list item fields blank.

Check this box if you would like to include a list on your page. If so, would you like it to be a numbered list or a bulleted list?

Numbered   Bulleted

Where would you like the list to appear on your page (replace which paragraph)?

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If you need fewer than 10 items simply leave the unneeded "List Item" fields blank. If your list has a title or heading use the "List Heading" field, otherwise leave it blank.

List Heading:
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Available Options

Remember the available options as described on the information page? If you need to read about these options in more detail again just look back at the "Pro Pages" section, which you can easily get to using the other browser window that should still be open. Check the boxes of the options you want with your page:

Contact/Appointment Form ($20)
Search Engine Package ($40)

IF you are ordering the Search Engine Preparation and Submission Package you may include keywords (for searching) that you would like associated with your page in the space below (separate words with commas).


Do you want the spelling and grammar on your page edited?
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Picture Instructions

If you want to include a picture on your page there are various ways to send it. If you already have an image file (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif, etc...must be smaller than 200K), you may upload it using this Image Upload Form, or attach it to an e-mail - contact us for instructions. If you have a photograph that needs to be scanned and converted to a computer file (there is no extra charge for this) please mail it with an identifying note to

In any case, be sure to select the button below to specify what you have done.

I am uploading my photo
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Page Address Request

If you would like to request the exact URL (web address) for your page (the part after .com) you may enter your request in the space provided here (letters, digits or underscore only). The default is your full name, e.g., if your name is Terry Smith your web address would be


unless that address was already taken. Then your address would either be your first initial and last name

(e.g., http://www.pgapros.com/tsmith)

or a combination of your names, initials, and perhaps the underscore character "_".

If the default (full name) is okay just leave this field blank.

URL request:

Referred By

If you were referred by another professional enter their name in this field, otherwise leave it blank. Likewise, if you refer another professional ask them to remember to include your name in this field, as you will then receive your second year of page hosting for free.

Referred by:

Additional Order Comments

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Choose a password (for accessing your information in the future) and be sure to keep it handy somewhere. You will need the password if you ever need to change the information on your page.

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That was a pretty long form, and you wouldn't want to have to do it again, would you? So now is the time to review your information and make any corrections (before clicking "Continue" below).

Please be sure that all your info is correct before sending. I have tried to provide alerts if anything is blatantly incomplete or invalid, but if you submit this form and anything needs correcting you'll have to start over. Now that seems like a good reason to recheck what you've entered, no?

You will also have an opportunity to make corrections once you have seen your finished page.

Click "Continue" to proceed to payment options and confirm your order. This may take a moment. Please click only once. Thanks.


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