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Submission Guidelines

How to Submit a Tip or Article

There is no direct compensation from PGAPros.com for submitting a tip or article. However, the increased exposure that is created for your web page and the subsequent enhancement to your reputation and the public's awareness of you should be very valuable. Plus, once your submission is posted it will be archived and always linked to your web page.

Please follow these guidelines before submitting a tip or article:

Use a word processor with spelling and grammar checking to make sure that your tip or article is refined enough to be published. We hope you know what we mean. If you are not sure please have at least one other person proofread your work before sending it in. We cannot post tips or articles that don't meet a minimum standard of grammatical decency. To post or not to post is at the sole discretion of PGAPros.com.

The paragraph above takes care of most of it, but if you want to improve the chances of your submission being posted keep your writing clear and concise. (Avoid elaborate and excessive demonstrations of vocabulary or literary prowess unless you are submitting a fiction article that is enhanced by doing so)

Tips can cover any topic related to game improvement, from the mental side of the game to basic fundamental drills. If you come from the heart and your topic is important in your opinion you will probably convey that in your writing and your submission has a good chance of being posted.

Articles can cover any topic that is golf related. That's pretty broad. Again we reserve the right to refuse posting to anybody, but submissions of all types are welcome, from swing mechanics to fiction, all game is fair.

Please send your tip or article in one of the following ways:

  1. Simply include it directly in the body an e-mail

  2. As a file attachment to an e-mail - either plain text (.txt) or Microsoft Word Document (.doc).

Please contact us for instructions.

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