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Current Tip

by Mark Blakemore, PGA Professional

Playing in the Wind

Have you ever heard this phrase?

"When it's breezy; swing easy."

What will swinging easy do for you when the wind is up?

  • Well, for one thing it increases the chances of solid contact creating a more penetrating ball flight. (Swinging harder in an attempt to fight the wind, increases the chances of less than solid contact for various reasons, among them contracting the wrong muscles in the wrong sequence, losing your center of balance, increased grip tension, the list goes on...)

  • For another thing it compresses the ball less causing it to spin less creating a more penetrating ball flight.

Notice the theme. Swinging harder when the wind is blowing is a powerful instinct to overcome. But if you can discipline yourself to use more club and swing easier (like all the textbooks and great players and teachers have been recommending forever) it will have a wonderful effect on your ability to control the ball in the wind.

Tip submitted by Mark Blakemore
See Mark's website www.PGAProfessional.com for more.

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