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Welcome to our archive of tips from Golf Professionals. Tips are arranged from most recent to least recent, top to bottom. Enjoy.


by Bob Boldt, PGA Professional

Grip Strength

One of the most important things you need to hit the ball longer is strong hands. Get a rubber gripper to exercise your hands and work with it sporadically throughout the day. Your hands will get stronger and you'll be able to generate more clubhead speed.

Full Finger Grip

Also, use a full finger grip (no interlock or overlap). There are over 40 professionals that have won tournaments with the full finger grip (Beth Daniel, Bob Rosburg, Art Wall, Moe Norman, and more). I have never switched anyone to a full finger grip that has changed back to an interlocking or overlapping grip.

Tip submitted by Bob Boldt
See Bob's web page for more.

Put blinders on to improve putting

by Sue Fiscoe, PGA and LPGA Professional

For those of you with putting problems, I've devised a drill for the practice green that can help you discover what you're doing wrong.

Determine a straight-in, flat putt. Stand at least 10 feet from the hole with eight to 10 balls. Set up and, imagining you are wearing blinders, stroke the ball toward the hole. Don't look up. Bring the next ball over and stroke it, again without looking up. Do the same with the remaining balls.

You should see one of three results when you look at the hole: If the balls are around the hole, your stroke is both good and consistent; if the balls are clustered left or right, then you're probably lined up wrong; if the balls are scattered, your stroke is inconsistent.

Your putting problem thus identified, you are ready to set about correcting it.

Green side chipping

by Kirk Rogozin, Apprentice professional

Did you know you can get two entirely different reactions from using the same club and landing the ball in the same place on the green? It's true!

My favorite club to use around the green is my 56 degree sand wedge. However, sometimes I need the ball to stop sooner than others. So, instead of choosing a club I am less comfortable with I simply hold the club face open for the shorter shots and allow the face to close when I need the ball to release to a more distant pin.

By holding the face open we put more backspin on the ball which will allow it to stop sooner. And when we allow the face to close through the shot we put more of a forward spin on the ball which causes it to release or roll further once it hits the green.

Tip submitted by Kirk Rogozin
See Kirk's web page for more.

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